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A Message From Alex Smith, CEO of Kaye-Smith.

Kaye-Smith’s story of how we began as a small business forms printer over twenty-five years ago and diversified into a robust, full service provider of direct marketing execution and financial communications demonstrates how a company can survive and thrive in a maturing industry. Change is a constant at Kaye-Smith because our clients’ needs change. Our internal infrastructure and positioning in the marketplace evolve according to where we can best support our clients. Many of our services are directly related to our clients’ marketing programs, while others are linked to their internal operations such as statement processing. However, these communications all bear our clients’ logos and support their brand disciplines.

Our capabilities include data management, digital print with variable information, mail engineering, graphic design, web and sheet fed printing, statement processing and mailing, branded merchandise, marketing supply chain management, fulfillment and distribution services.

Will the future include further diversification of our products and services? Most certainly.

All business communications – from direct mail to email and statement inserts to sales fulfillment kits – are most effective when they are highly personalized and targeted. Our depth of experience in data processing, including address verification before your materials are mailed, allow our clients to deliver highly effective, personalized messaging in their operational and marketing communication executions.

We pride ourselves on our core competencies and for being able to solve our clients’ problems.

Variable printing and Web-to-print models are in place and here to stay, although adoption has been realized more slowly than some marketers have predicted. Electronic bill presentment, personalized URLs and email are examples of effective technologies that leverage the more-traditional marketing and financial communication channels. Kaye-Smith’s positioning is unique in that we are capable of executing the full gamut through a secure, in-house database department.

Beyond obtaining ISO 27001 certification and adhering to SSAE No. 16 – SOC 2 audit protocols, Kaye-Smith employs a full-time security administrator to ensure the necessary processes and procedures are in place, documented and followed on a daily basis. That level of investment is critical to ensure we meet and exceed the requirements of the laws and – most importantly ­– the expectations of our clients.

We pride ourselves on the core competencies mentioned above and for being able to solve our clients’ problems. The more complicated a particular client’s need, the more valuable Kaye-Smith. This claim is proven from continually working on best practices with the same key people at Kaye‑Smith for ten, fifteen and twenty years. We can solve your problems from experience, collaboration, innovation and trust.

Thank you for your attention – Alex Smith

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