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Eliminate the Hidden Costs in Operational and Marketing Expenses with Coordinated Supply Chain Management Solutions.

Reducing supply chain waste and recapturing those precious resources requires coordinating the production, storage and distribution of materials. By implementing an inventory management system under a single provider, stakeholders can locate the materials they need, order the quantities they need and personalize the content, while allowing the organization to ensure brand consistency and accuracy.

According to a study by the CMO Council, 84% of surveyed businesses had distributed out-of-date materials. This same single-source, streamlined supply chain solution helps those in highly-regulated industries avoid the risks of outdated materials being distributed in error.

Kaye-Smith brings experience and expertise in print, web applications, branded merchandise, personalized fulfillment and inventory management to streamline supply chain logistics, tightly manage inventories and minimize waste. We also offer:

Branded Online Stores

Branded online stores give clients access, customization and order requests for materials 24/7.

Inventory Control, Utilization and Automated Cost Allocation

Inventory control, utilization and automation cost allocation systems giving clients real-time access to inventory levels and usage details.

Distribution and Fulfillment Expertise

Distribution and fulfillment expertise for timely production and delivery of materials to all stakeholders without producing excess, unneeded inventories.

Brand and Regulatory Compliance

Brand and regulatory compliance via one point of contact to update and manage materials, providing end-users the opportunity to localize and personalize materials as appropriate, but locking down portions of materials as necessary.

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