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Statements That Project Your Brand, Reduce Customer Attrition and Create Revenue Opportunities from an Operational Expense.

Kaye-Smith combines unparalleled customer service, the highest-degree of data security and the latest technology to provide the region’s most comprehensive statement processing and delivery solution. With over 25 years of experience working with leading northwest companies, Kaye-Smith offers a complete package of print and electronic solutions, including statement reformatting and statement marketing. We help our clients ensure their statements – and all their communications – represent their brand and optimize every opportunity to deliver targeted, personalized and relevant messages and offers to their customers. And, we make the transition easy, whether you’re moving from an existing vendor or outsourcing your statement program for the first time.

Statement Reformatting

Our experienced team of designers can create statement layouts that are clear, concise and easy for your customers to read and understand. After all, that’s the primary purpose of your statements!

But we can do more. Our team also understands how to incorporate space for personalized, relevant marketing messages that get attention without being overly distracting from your statements primary purpose. This allows you to reach new and existing customers in a way which will increase your share-of-wallet, build loyalty and reduce customer attrition.

Data Processing and Security

Data management and programming is key to nearly every service we provide to our clients. Our team of experienced data professionals are ready to assist you with your data programming, analysis and other requirements such as geo-mapping, segmentation and more.

Kaye-Smith offers unparalleled data security standards in our industry and upholds them relentlessly. Why? Because we understand the risks of exposing sensitive customer data. Whether you are a financial institution or small business, it can have a devastating effect on your business and your customers.

Kaye-Smith is ISO 27001 Certified for Information Security and SSAE No. 16 – SOC 2 audited to ensure our processes live up to rigorous standards and data encryption that exceeds US Military specifications. In addition, we’ve developed a security culture throughout the organization to ensure all employees – particularly those who handle client data – understand and comply with procedures to keep your data secure.

Inserting Technology and Data Segmentation

Kaye-Smith can help you design and print personalized paper inserts and, using intelligent inserting technology, be sure that the right piece is included with exactly the right statement. In much the same way, our data team can program your file to include messages directly onto a statement or the outer envelope.

For customers receiving electronic statements, our data team can program those files to place targeted messages on the statement image, in the email alerting your customer that their latest statement is ready, and even place banner ads and other messaging on the landing page where your customers log in to retrieve their statement.

Electronic Statements

Electronic statements are rapidly gaining acceptance and the potential cost savings can’t be ignored. Offering both to your customers and providing encouragement to switch to an electronic format simply makes sense for your bottom line. Kaye-Smith offers secure, user-friendly electronic statement programs that make it easy for your customers to access and view their statements – and makes administration of the program simple as well.

In addition, our program gives our clients the flexibility to leverage electronic statements for marketing messages similar to the opportunities available with print statements. You can insert personalized, relevant messages on the statement itself, on the alert email sent to let your customer know their statement or notice is ready and on the landing page where your customers go to view their statements. Electronic statements are an effective way to reach your customers in a targeted, relevant and highly cost-effective way!

Statement Marketing and Branding

Electronic and paper statements get read. It’s all there is to it.

In fact, according to a survey performed by the United States Postal Service, 95% of people will read their monthly statement at least once, spending an average of 3 minutes reviewing the statement. Another survey by Zoomerang and Infoprint found that 64% of respondents said they would use personalized coupons if printed onto monthly bills and statements (with nearly half responding that these would encourage brand loyalty).

It’s called “trans-promotional” marketing, which simply means using a transactional communication for promotional (marketing) purposes. It’s an idea that’s been around for some time, but what’s new is the ability to fully utilize your data to deliver targeted, personalized and relevant messages to your customers by leveraging the paper or electronic statements (or any other customer communication).

Making the Transition Easy

Migrating your statement and billing processing can be a daunting challenge. But it’s a process that Kaye-Smith has worked through with numerous clients. We’ll leverage our team’s deep experience to make the process as seamless as possible – doing as much of the “heavy-lifting” as we can for you. It’s just part of our commitment to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients – starting on day one.

Want to learn more? Read our Statement Processing Whitepaper!

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