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Remain in complete control with on-line inventory management tools while we take responsibility for producing and distributing quality materials to support your enterprise.

Kaye-Smith knows warehousing. Managing the storage, inventory levels, ordering, shipping and distribution of sales and marketing collateral and other physical products is challenging and expensive. Through web-based applications, real-time reporting and experienced professionals; Kaye-Smith provides the reporting and insights needed for tight inventory control. We help you maintain just the right level of supplies based on historical usage, 24/7 online access, and our expertise in supply chain logistics to get materials and products where they are needed, when they are needed. Partnering with Kaye-Smith allows your team to focus on building your business.

24/7 Web Access and Fulfillment

The cost savings of a single-source partner to manage the creation, storage and distribution center for sales, marketing and other materials and products can be significant. But it’s only worth the savings if your team can order what they need, when they need it.

Kaye-Smith offers clients branded online stores so that end users can find and order the materials they need to drive revenue. Fulfillment services, sales and business collateral, branded merchandise, direct mail and more are accessed online. And because they are created and stored in a single location, you can be confident that all materials are current for your brand, messaging and any regulatory requirements.

Reporting and Cost Allocation

Real-time reporting on use and automated reorder alerts provide historical insights to determine appropriate inventory levels of all collateral and other physical products.

We take data security very seriously. Our inventory management supports varying levels of permissions so that only those employees authorized to use and order specific materials have access to do so. Additionally, based on your defined business rules, costs can be invoiced and allocated per your instruction to ensure accurate budget monitoring, ensuring budgets constraints are followed.

Shipping and Distribution

Kaye-Smith brings more than two decades of experience managing shipping and distribution for clients. Whether moving materials across town or across the nation, our experienced team ensures that your orders arrive on time and at the lowest possible rate. We work with all major carriers and maintain our own trucks to expedite local deliveries and ensure Kaye-Smith has the flexibility to meet your time and budget constraints.

Inventory Management

Whether you’re fulfilling customer orders from your website, internal orders for supplies, or personalized marketing materials, you need to be confident that those materials are available and in perfect condition. Kaye-Smith’s inventory management system gives you real-time access to inventory levels and monitors usage, re-order points and other activities to ensure your materials and products are available without the cost of excess inventory or the risk of outdated sales and marketing collateral.

By leveraging the latest in print on demand technology and tightly managed collateral inventories, we save our clients money and ensure marketing, sales and other materials are up-to-date and compliant with brand and regulatory standards, allowing efficient inventory control.

Packaging, Kitting and Assembly

From complex, personalized fulfillment packages to customer incentives and purchased goods, it’s critical that the right item arrive at the right place, on time and in perfect condition.

Kaye-Smith works with many leading northwest companies to deliver complex, print-on-demand fulfillment kits. We pick, pack and ship materials and products, ensuring supply chain logistics operate smoothly and efficiently to support all aspects of our clients’ business.

Interested in working with us? Give us a call at 800.822.9987 or send us a message.

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