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Don’t Miss Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities!

A single source for print fulfillment services, promotional marketing and statement processing.

Insurance marketing, websites and printed monthly statements are the only sources of information most consumers have about their insurance company. Nothing compares to the power of member communications to create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, build loyalties and generate referrals. The power of personalized messaging through direct marketing is that it is read more predictably than practically any other alternative. Kaye-Smith can help you use this powerful – often underused – tool to get the most out of all of your customer communications.

Our highly experienced database programmers have familiarity with virtually every data format in the industry, and we can manipulate and repurpose that data to create the most reliable and effective direct mail and email marketing services. We also understand the industry’s various business, legal and compliance requirements. That means we can provide a single source for all of your print fulfillment services, branded merchandise and promotional marketing, email marketing services and statement processing. The result is consistent brand support and brand alignment across all customer communications.

Combine the powers of flexible marketing messages and personalized fulfillment with the cost savings of logistics and supply chain management, and you have a powerful tool to market insurance. Kaye-Smith offers branded web stores with real-time inventory management. As postal experts, we can also maximize our customers’ postal rates while guaranteeing the best deliverability. Kaye-Smith offers the highest level of data security that exceeds the insurance industry’s stringent privacy requirements while providing brand support and brand alignment. We are ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management and SSAE No. 16 – SOC 2 audited.

 Insurance industry expertise, including compliance requirements

 Top-notch data management for highly effective document communications

 Capacity to scale and handle wide ranges of growth smoothly

 Single source for personalized fulfillment and custom kitting

 Supply chain and inventory management of promotional products

 Maximum postal discounts and in-house, on-site postal verification via Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU)

 Data security that exceeds industry regulations and provides business continuity and disaster recovery plans

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