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Choose Precise Inventory Control and IT Security with Kaye-Smith

We’re print supply chain management experts.

Manufacturers rely on logistics and supply chain management to build their products. They know how important it is to have neither too much, nor too little product on hand. Kaye-Smith brings print on demand services to your organization. Our clients save money by minimizing supply with tight inventory management, virtually eliminating obsolete inventory. Materials are produced when they are needed – in the quantities needed – ensuring your team is using the most current content and adhering to established branding. We offer branded web stores as an easy ordering platform and reporting system. By giving our clients the big picture, they can be more proactive about cost allocation.

Not only do we provide inventory control solutions, Kaye-Smith can ease the burden of managing billing and invoicing. We provide data management and statement processing that is secure, compliant and stays consistent with your brand. In fact, we can handle all aspects of your direct mail marketing and direct email marketing needs while maintaining strict IT security standards. As a single-source solution for marketing execution, personalized fulfillment, product distribution and inventory control, Kaye-Smith provides the consistency and success that allow our clients to sleep at night.

 Supply chain logistics and inventory management

Industry expertise

 Superior data management systems for targeted direct mail marketing

 Single source solution for consistent brand alignment

 Maximum postal discounts, affidavits fo mailing and postage management

 Scalability to respond and grow with an organization’s needs

By giving our clients the big picture, they can be more proactive about cost allocation.

As respected veterans in the information security industry, Kaye-Smith has the resources and relationships to respond to your needs quickly. We offer the scalability one would expect from a huge corporation combined with superior customer service of a regional business. From our account managers to our production staff, Kaye-Smith has the expertise to deliver successful results every time. We are also postal experts and know how to optimize mail certification, deliverability and postage rates to save our clients money on shipping and distribution.

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