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Branded Merchandise Case Study


A Regional VP from a large financial firm needed personalized holiday gifts for his top 125 clients all across the country. With the holiday season well under way, he requested the gifts at the end of November, and asked that they be delivered before the clients left for year-end holidays.

Ordering 125 high-end, personalized holiday gifts within three weeks of Christmas was a steep demand. With the holiday rush and inclement winter weather, he needed a fulfillment and execution company with an efficient strategy for generating ideas, acquiring personalization, and delivering gifts. The holiday season is busy enough, and the Senior VP needed peace of mind that his clients would receive thoughtful, highquality gifts from the company, without taking his focus away from core business.


Kaye-Smith utilized all facets of the company to provide custom, high-end gifts for the clients: a personalized Cross pen and pencil set with a personal message printed on a card inside the box.

Our research department came up with an appropriate and thoughtful gift idea, while the creative team designed the products and their presentation. In order to produce the products with a short turnaround, Kaye-Smith worked with the highest quality and most efficient vendors in the business. The fulfillment center packed and shipped every gift by hand, ensuring that the gifts arrived on time and at the correct location.

I knew I was asking the impossible, again, but Kaye-Smith came through with beautiful holiday gifts for my clients under a tight deadline.


  • Within two weeks, Kaye-Smith developed a concept, acquired and personalized the pen sets, and delivered them to the appropriate clients.

  • It is not uncommon for Kaye-Smith to turnaround a personalized gift request in two weeks or less, leveraging their internal creative services and fulfillment teams, merchandise expertise, and relationships with industry-leading vendors.

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