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Data Management Case Study


The largest non-profit in the world dedicated to helping impoverished children needed to manage a complex program that appealed to existing donors for additional funds, while also promoting interaction between the donor and sponsor child. The program consisted of two parts: the first, a combination of a thank-you letter and request for additional support; the second, a “bounce back” direct mail piece that allowed donors to send their sponsored child a gift or a birthday card with a personal message.

The client connects donors with needy children in 140 different countries and must navigate as many shipping channels and customs issues. The sheer volume of records involved required a sophisticated data segmentation matrix to ensure the correct information reached the correct donor. Roughly 1 million records had to be personalized to connect with donors in a meaningful way, including reference to the sponsored child, length of relationship with the program, prior giving history and previous interactions.


Kaye-Smith applied the same discipline to this data challenge as it applies to handling all sensitive and personal data for its financial, insurance and other commercial clients. We developed data designs, manipulation techniques and processes which resulted in each individual donor and sponsored child feeling as if the message they received was personally written for them, their history and their needs, wants and desires.

This project required a staggering amount of data cleansing, segmentation, data management, personalized output and reporting in order to ensure each sponsor received the information about the correct child in the correct country — a complex task that significantly impacts giving results. From a data perspective, this process is extremely intricate and if handled poorly, would have a significant negative impact on results for organizations.

Kaye-Smith developed data designs, manipulation techniques and processes which resulted in personalized messages perfectly aligned with donor and sponsor needs, wants and desires.


  • Produced highly personalized and customized communications for both the donor and the beneficiary.

  • Sent letters to sponsors that reference their sponsored child by name and cards to personally sign and return to their own sponsored children that feature greetings in the child’s language and messages in one of five languages that in-field staff can translate.

  • Generated a 20-to-1 return in donations investment for our client – which means greater resources to provide aid where it’s most urgently needed.

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