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Financial Services Case Study


A leading national auto, property and casualty insurance company placed the responsibility of direct marketing on the 100 or so agents that worked in its Northwest office. In such a fluid industry, books of clients were continually being moved around between the agents, whether an agent was new or an agent decided to sell his or her book to another agent. It was up to the agents to send out a mailer to clients to let them know of the change in a farewell letter, an introductory letter or both.

However, with 100 different agents, there were 100 different approaches. It made for a haphazard and inconsistent approach to direct marketing in a highly customer service-oriented industry. The agents needed an effective and easy way to customize and send a variety of branded sales documents and letters to prospects and customers, while maintaining consistency in brand and messaging.


Kaye-Smith designed templates for the agents to customize a variety of letters to customers and prospective clients. While some fields offered the agents latitude to complete on their own, the corporate office had final say over most of the content to lend consistency in messaging and branding.

Currently, 600 agents use an in-house program modeled after the Kaye-Smith tool to easily customize and personalize company-approved and branded sales documents to send out to prospects


  • Offered a turnaround time of 48-72 hours upon receiving an agent’s approved document.

  • Expanded the system to other regional offices after the initial success of the pilot program.

  • Allowed ease of frequent and effective communication with the client’s target markets, leading to an increase in sales potential for individual agents.

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