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Health Care Case Study


A regional health maintenance organization was experiencing some growing pains. It was adding new members more quickly than ever, and each new member needed to receive a personalized packet of information on their health insurance plans in a timely manner.

The fulfillment process was complex. There were more than a dozen different care kits, each with a number of pieces. As the volume of new members picked up, the HMO’s in-house staff could not keep up with getting the kits assembled and out the door to new members. The HMO’s ability to compete for new members and retain existing members in such a service-driven industry rested on how quickly it could distribute information to members.


Kaye-Smith offered the bandwidth and expertise to take over an otherwise time-consuming fulfillment process. As a HIPAA-compliant partner sensitive to the security necessary to work in the health care field, our client could trust that their members’ information was safe with us.

Kaye-Smith helped the HMO focus on its core competencies and thus better compete in the marketplace. Not only did we save them valuable time, we saved them money.


  • Offered a turnaround time of 48-72 hours upon receiving an agent’s approved document.

  • Expanded the system to other regional offices after the initial success of the pilot program.

  • Allowed ease of frequent and effective communication with the client’s target markets, leading to an increase in sales potential for individual agents.

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