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Manufacturing Case Study


A wholesale textile distributor had been producing its marketing materials and invoices in-house. The company needed to replace its aging printing equipment, but investing in the equipment and other costs was prohibitive. In addition, the lack of a reliable disaster recovery process could stop their business cold for 3 to 4 days.


Kaye-Smith has the top-of-the-line equipment and experienced staff to handle the textile distributor’s daily invoicing schedule without changing the company’s level of service. Plus, we have the ability and resources to scale services as the client’s business changes.

Also, they could rest easy knowing their data was protected with Kaye-Smith. Our in-house data center has 18 full-time programmers for support. We helped the textile company rewrite its software program, offering more flexibility in design output. Using intelligent output systems, our customer could produce high-end, personalized copy with full-color options and other special insertions, such as 2-D barcodes.

Kaye-Smith took over the printing and mailing of 50,000 invoices per week for the client, significantly reducing their costs for delivering statements.


  • Significantly reduced the cost of printing and mailing 50,000 invoices per week.

  • Freed up capital and resources to focus on its core competencies by eliminating its internal printing operation.

  • Allowed flexibility if the volume of customers’ statements volume changed, without the cost of leasing or acquiring additional equipment or taking on other overhead required to continue the program in-house.

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