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Personalized Fulfillment Case Study


A Northwest provider of financial annuities, employee benefits, retirement plans and life insurance needed on-demand marketing materials to distribute to brokers selling their services nationwide. The company’s sales center handles high volumes of requests each day for different services and products from brokers. It was a complex fulfillment process with more than sixty different marketing kits, each with their own state-specific rules and regulations, and containing five to twelve mail formats. It was a far too labor-intensive process to keep in-house. Turnaround needed to be fast so that prospective customers received requested materials quickly.


Kaye-Smith’s created a robust inventory management system that applied various “recipes” for each kit, including the products, services and state-specific information. This way, the client could place orders online and have the kits printed and shipped the same day. Agents could customize materials, while all regulated content was pre-set to ensure compliance. Kaye-Smith stored all the required kit materials in their local warehouse space and provided assistance with communications to brokers regarding new product launches.

Customized materials, coupled with a quick turnaround, offered brokers the ability to differentiate themselves, leading to customer satisfaction and new business growth.


  • Tightly controlled the legal components of all materials, reducing risk in a highly regulated industry.

  • Offered same-day shipping if orders were received by 2 p.m. via a sophisticated inventory management system for daily printing

  • Provided warehouse storage and inventory management, including usage reports and waste reduction, allowing the client to focus on its core business versus spending far too much time on a complex fulfillment system.

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