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Print and Marketing Supply Chain Management Case Study


A large hospital needed to gain control over expenses for printed documents, forms and other materials used in day-to-day operations. Their process relied heavily on keeping ample supplies of finished materials on hand; however they lacked insight into the usage and reorder points of various materials, expense allocations to departments across the organization, and struggled with effective distribution.

Out of date technology and an inventory management system with limited functionality compounded their problems. As part of the agreement to move forward with a new, single-source vendor, they required demonstrable savings of 25% in the first year, an additional 10% in the second year, and another 10% in the third year of the engagement, all based on volumes the same as the previous year—a tall order for any organization.


Kaye-Smith answered the challenge by bringing deep experience in warehousing and distribution, a robust inventory management system, and technology to streamline access to materials across the organization. Kaye-Smith recommended greater use of print-on-demand services to ensure access to materials, which also provided the client with a means to guarantee only the most current, approved materials were accessible to end users.

By the end of year two, 65% of materials were made available as print-on-demand with Kaye-Smith’s solutions.


The combination of experience and  technology paid dividends. Our solution:

  • Reduced costs and eliminated out-of-stock incidences for end users via tight, well managed inventory control processes.

  • Provided the organization insight into which departments used their various materials and reporting for cost allocations.

  • Dramatically increase print-on-demand materials. At the start of year one, only 15% of materials were available through their print-on-demand system. By the end of year two, 65% of materials were made available as print-on-demand with Kaye-Smith’s solutions.

  • Reduced the need for pre-printed inventory and virtually eliminated the need to overstock materials.

  • Provided two daily deliveries of ordered materials logistically – directly to the end-user’s desk by-passing potential delays in avoiding their busy receiving department.

Kaye-Smith continues to work this client today.

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