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Statement Processing & Billing Services Case Study


A large regional community bank looking to acquire troubled banks needed to streamline its operations. Investing in the infrastructure to process financial statements had become expensive. The cost of maintaining, and eventually replacing, equipment for printing and mailing could not be justified, especially if the bank continued to add new customers through acquisitions. The bank had other concerns as well—inconsistent output, disaster recovery and security issues. All together, these problems were distracting the bank from its core business.


Kaye-Smith offered the bank everything it needed to confidently outsource its statement processing. We use the most current technology to offer top-notch imaging, so the look and feel was professional and consistent with the bank’s marketing efforts. Most importantly, we have the quality controls in place to protect sensitive customer financial data from potential errors or data breaches—a top concern for any financial institution in this day and age.

Kaye-Smith offered the flexibility and the scalability that the client needed to grow its business.


Kaye-Smith took over all statement processing for the bank, including the following actions:

  • Produced 140,000 customer statements and 80,000 customer notices per month within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Generated PDFs of bank statements for the client to upload to its website for client viewing.

  • Allowed the client to invest more capital in worthwhile revenue-producing activities, knowing that additional customers would not require investing in more equipment for statement processing.

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