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Customized Management, Sales and Marketing Web Applications Case Study


One of the Pacific Northwest’s largest community banks was hiring a large number of mortgage loan officers who needed a web-based application to customize promotional materials for current and prospective customers. The need was urgent, as both the banking and real estate industries began to recover from the economic recession.


Kaye-Smith produced 43 templates for mortgage loan officers to create a variety of localized and personalized marketing materials. Employees could create full-color flyers with various sales pitches, such as refinancing a home, qualifying for an FHA loan and more. With our solution, loan officers could customize pre-determined content for localization and personalization – while brand and messaging consistency were maintained across the organization.

Kaye-Smith produced 43 templates for loan officers to create a variety of marketing and sales materials, informational flyers and more.


  • Printed and delivered customized flyers to an agent or loan officer’s desktop within 72 hours.

  • Allowed flexibility for agents to customize their flyers to target their desired markets, while consistently presenting the bank’s sophisticated look.

  • Allowed agents and loan officers to focus on their core business so the bank can experience new growth.

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